NA & NB Miata Front Splitter Kit

What good is a rear diffuser or a massive wing and having downforce only on your rear wheels? Your front wheels need some love too. When it comes to racing, it's not about how much power you can put down in a corner... It's about balance. The R Theory Motorsports NA Miata Front Splitter kit will be designed to bring balance to your aero set up. More detail to come later during the winter. Expected release is late winter/early spring.

NA/NB Rear Sub-Frame Flat Belly Pan

In order for a diffuser to work at its maximum efficiency, you need a flat floor for the diffuser to pull clean air from. Don't get me wrong, it will still function without a flat floor, just not as well. If you look at race built cars, you will see that they use flat floors as well. You cannot just throw a sheet of aluminum at the bottom of your car and call it a day. There are lots of other variables to consider like cooling, turbulence, etc. Soon we will be offering a Rear Sub-Frame Flat Belly Pan as an optional add on when you are purchasing a Rear Diffuser kit. The Rear Sub-Frame Flat Belly Pan will provide a surface for the diffuser to pull clean air from, optimizing its  efficiency and effect. It will bolt onto Later model NA's and all NB's.

MK7 Golf R and GTI Rear Diffuser

Universal Hood Vents