one year

December 31st, 2015- Celebrating One Year of R Theory Motorsports

I realized I'm a few days late posting this, but better late than never. Man, has a year flown by so fast. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of  new challenging aspects of running a business that I've never experienced before. I started R Theory Motorsports because I love cars, I love racing, I love designing parts and engineering. So why not combine the two? I soon learned there was so much I didn't know about running a business. I was forced to adapt and learn about all the behind the scenes paper work nonsense.  It was fun.

I started this business on my own, but there is no denying that I wouldn't have made it to the one year mark without the help of the numerous friends, family, mentors, and amazing customers.

Special Thanks to:

Graphic Designers: Shaun, Jessica and Jeff
Photographers: Markis, and Andrew
People who helped test fit parts on their cars: Richard, Michael, Anthony, Jeff and Brandon
Business Mentors: Kaval, and Ravi

Biggest thanks to my buddy Kris who thought of the name R Theory Motorsports. It started out as a joke. It grew on me and I decided that name was the one. My full name is "Rajan Thiru". Take the first letter of my first name and my last name and you get: "R. Thiru". Which sounds like "R Theory".

If I didn't mention your name under one of the above categories and you feel like you need recognition, feel free to send me a message in private. Politely call me a selfish prick and demand that I add you to the list. Because you deserve the recognition! And just because your name isn't on the list, doesn't mean I don't appreciate your help. I am truly grateful of your help and I haven't forgotten what you have done. 

Again, thank you to the MANY people who supported R Theory Motorsports LTD. I look forward to bigger and badder things that are coming this year!

Next year I'll get a real cupcake.

Next year I'll get a real cupcake.