July 24th, 2015- Prototype Miata Diffuser Final Installation!

I made a trip to my powder coater to pick up the parts I dropped off a few days ago. Like always, he did a great job and I was very happy with the outcome! One of the parts was my NA Miata Rad Support cover, I was able to get it powder coated a blue to perfectly match the OEM Mazda Mariner Blue! If you're interested in ordering a Black or Blue NA Miata Rad Support cover, you can find the product link here.

 Of course the most important part of the batch was the prototype rear diffuser. I cut the bumper properly on my test car, a turbocharged 1997 Miata. The diffuser looks much better with the properly trimmed bumper. Since height and angle is adjustable, the part will fit if you have an uncut stock bumper. But it will be much more functional and better looking with the bumper cut.  Going to get my photographer friend to take some cool pictures of it mounted, then I'll be posting it on my E-Store within the next week or two!

If you have any questions or concerns about the diffuser or any of my parts, feel free to contact me at rtheorymotorsports@gmail.com.