July 16th, 2015- Prototype Rear Diffuser is in!

So the first version of the R Theory Rear Diffuser has arrived, modifications made and noted, and installed. It fit well and was much stronger than I expected which is a plus. It fit so well that I took it off the same day and sent it out to get black powder coated with a bunch of other new parts!

Fitment is great. I designed it to utilize factory bolts and studs for mounting, making the R Theory Motorsports Miata Rear Diffuser completely plug and play, no modifications needed. Very easy install, and also adjustable based on how you want it to fit. You can stick it out past your bumper or mount it flush with your bumper. Also you can fit it on a stock bumper, or you can raise the gradient angle if you have a cut bumper. 

I'm expecting to begin production on it near the end of July.