December 13th, 2015- New Prototype NA Miata Hood Vents

New product! This was something I was excited to do for a while. You can buy the fanciest radiator money can buy, do all the ducting to guide into your fancy rad, but that air has to go somewhere after being heated to over 9000 degrees by your radiator. (Not actually over 9000 degrees.) Hood Vents are a great way to allow the hot air from your radiator escape instead of building up under your hood. A lot of high end sport cars and super cars  come with such hood vents to allow hot air from the radiator to escape. For example, the C7 Corvette comes with hood vents from the factory. This beautiful illustration below shows how the cooler ambient air flows in through the mouth of the car, and out the top of the hood as hot air.


I wanted to do something similar for my own Miata, but I didn't want a Mustang GT500 vent like everyone else. Also I didn't like how other vent options require you to cut away parts of the hood's frame. So I designed these hood vents so that you can cut around the existing NA hood frame. Not only is structural integrity maintained, but the hood's frame serves as a nice template when you are cutting the hood.

The vents are CNC laser cut out of aluminum and will be sold with the option of having black powder coat or raw metal so you can paint or powder coat it whatever colour you desire. I might eventually be able to powdercoat it whatever colour you wish in the near future.

Pricing to come soon.

3D computer rendering vs first real prototype parts.

Vents painted black and mocked up on a turbocharged '97.